People require help for different reasons. It can be connected with the certain symptoms, with the wish to change something in their life, with the aim to explore and enrich their personality. The most frequent reasons for visiting the psychoanalyst are:

  • anxiety
  • panic attaсks
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • loss of work motivation
  • difficulties in family or personal relationships
  • to enhance a sexual life
  • desire to be happy
  • complications in taking important decisions
  • adolescent categorisation and feeling of misunderstanding
  • risk of destroying marriage

Psychotherapeutic techniques that I am applying at work:

  • modern psychoanalytic therapy
  • classic psychoanalysis
  • cognitive therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • transactional analysis
  • maintenance therapy
  • expressive therapy

Formats of working:

  • consultation with possibility to prescribe medicine, in this case please go to medical center.
  • psychoanalytic psychotherapy (psychoanalysis): 1-4 sessions per week.
  • Therapy on demand /single consultations, are provided when necessary.


Psychoanalytic session (consultation) lasts 50 minutes. The price for consultation in English in my office is 3500 roubles (50 euro). Our conversation is absolutely confidential. I keep to the Ethic Code of ECPP.

After the first consultation we decide if we should continue or not and make arrangements about the format of psychotherapeutic work.

I would like everyone, who really needs help, to find it, therefore some modification of the procedures (including the price) is possible, if  required and accepted by both parties.

I do one-to-one sessions in Kaluga, and sessions on Skype and Whatsapp.


Office: ask me.

Medical center: 76-25-28, 76-25-29.

To make an appointment please text via SMS or Whatsapp 8-915-898-8371 with your name, a little information about your problem and your expectations regarding prescriptions. If you need prescription medicine, an appointment is possible only in a medical center.